There’s Good People EVERYWHERE

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There's Good People EVERYWHEREWhat a fun exercise in help this afternoon!

After visiting mom for some delicious lunch, I’m driving down the road in a bright green shirt, my bro’s girl brought me back from Mexico. All of a sudden, I see this girl pushing a car along the side of the road. It’s like a million degrees and humid here in Maryland, so I stop and run back towards them thinking “please don’t think I’m a killer.”

I figured my bright green shirt and smurf blue chucks made me look OK.

We pushed the car, English was translated into Spanish by one of them, a call was made to my car expert bro, a random dude stops with some jumper cables, halts traffic so I could whip my car around the WRONG WAY on the highway, and…we jump start that car!

The ladies putter off, I move the car the wrong way…

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